Inpay believes that payments should not be limited by international boundaries. Today’s technology allows us to live and work without borders, and our daily business is often agreed across the globe in the blink of an eye. When you read the news, shop or talk with friends, it doesn’t matter where they are: you’re connected. We believe that the same idea applies to the way payments should work. Technology can now connect people through payments that are as fast and efficient as loading a page on your web browser.


We are living and working in a time of rapid change. Technology is driving huge advances in the way we transact payments, and the places where we need to do business are no longer limited by borders. Inpay believes that the firm foundations of banking are the best place to build the next generation of payment technology. Inpay sees itself as the interface between the financial technology revolution and the established banking system. Inpay’s service embraces these two worlds: a company that believes in both innovation and maturity. In a globally connected world, financial transactions made across borders have to be accessible, safe and reliable. This is true for every customer, large and small. Creating a world payment system that connects everyone by using the safest foundations possible is what Inpay was set up to achieve.

Inpay’s use of bank transfers within the secure and trusted financial infrastructure underlines our commitment and trust in the solid values of banking. Inpay also fully supports the positive delivery of the SWIFT system, of which it is a member. Inpay’s innovative system gives the world a new way of paying and a better future for both banks and the payment industry.



Inpay was founded in 2007, and is still privately owned by Jacob Tackmann Thomsen, a pioneer in online data security, who brings 25 years of experience in fraud detection in the payments world.
The companies Inpay A/S (Denmark) and Inpay AG (Switzerland) are separate private holdings belonging to Jacob Thomsen, who is also the owner of Netgroup Holdings, a 15-year old group of profitable, privately owned Danish IT and data security and hosting companies. This group has a proven track record in financial technology, including the award-winning Zecure fraud management solution.

Working at Inpay

Working at Inpay

Inpay is a global company with one vision. The regional offices help Inpay to expand into new markets and connect more financial partners to the Inpay network. To find out if Inpay are hiring near you, contact us here.

Corporate responsibility

Inpay is a profitable and sustainable business, run with emphasis on accountability and transparency. Inpay only works with partners who share our high standards and reputation for responsible practices.


Inpay is proud to support charities that are in line with its values and make a difference to the communities they support. To find out more about how your charity can work with Inpay, contact us here.


Inpay follow a simple set of principles that help maintain a tolerant, balanced and thriving workplace for all. We do not discriminate on grounds of race, sex, gender, disability, ethnicity, age, religion or sexual orientation.

Common questions

What is the Inpay network?

The Inpay network is a private, managed and linked system of accounts held in major financial institutions worldwide. Only Inpay partners are granted use of this network, which is rigidly controlled by our governance and compliance procedures.

Can I make deposits and withdrawals internationally?

Yes. Inpay offers its partners two products: PayIn, which allows you to receive payments from anywhere in the world; and PayOut, which enables you to make split settlements in most global currencies, to any destination. Both of these products are locally and internationally compliant to banking standards.

Do you offer credit?

No. Inpay is not a bank. Inpay works within the international banking system to speed the transmission of funds across borders, and it achieves this by holding positive balances in each of its accounts around the world. This means that Inpay’s partners always have immediate, reliable access to funds.

Do my customers need to share data with Inpay?

No. Inpay has been developed to work alongside traditional online and mobile banking systems without the need to take or store your customer’s data. When prompted, customers are directed to their own bank service to execute payments, and Inpay will confirm the receipt of their funds independently.

What is my risk?

With Inpay there is no risk of credit card fraud or any kind of chargebacks. This means that when you get paid you stay paid. With Inpay you can even sell to customers from high risk regions including all parts of Asia and Eastern Europe.

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